Season 2, Episode 26: Sick Science


What makes science exciting for kids? How do we make STEM (or STEAM, as many are calling it now) FUN? Happi is getting some answers at the New York City Toy Fair, from Steve Spangler, science teacher and creator of Sick Science! experiments for kids. Steve has his amazing “Insta-Snow” to show the principle of evaporation. He’s got a little octopus in a bottle to show how water pressure works and how submarines are able to displace water. And Happi learns about polymerization as she “makes” worms. Worms, snow and an octopus…all in a day in the life of Happi Olson on The Happi House!

Check out Steve Spangler’s science on his blog, store, club, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube!

Also be sure to check out the extended version of this segment!

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