Season 5, Episode 26: Bringing GreaterGood to Cambodia and Kenya


Come along with The Happi House, on a journey to Northwestern Cambodia. There, host Happi Olson and crew meet Ponheary Ly, a woman who embodies the spirit of a true hero. Ponheary grew up in a family where education was highly valued. Today the Ponheary Ly Foundation helps support more than 2,500 students. is proud to help this amazing organization support education as they help children in the region triumph over tragedy. Next stop: Mombasa. There, they visit with the amazing people associated with Wildlife Works. Wildlife Works is the world’s leading REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) project that uses an emerging marketplace to protect threatened forests, wildlife and communities. You’ll meet Founder Mike Korchinsky, who established the Rukinga Sanctuary in 1997, as well as some of the Rangers, who walk twenty miles per day watching for poachers. Then, Happi gets to visit one of the women’s groups who make beautiful baskets by hand. And finally, it’s time to head into the garden to learn about the strides Wildlife Works has made while promoting conservation and employing locals. With partners like GreaterGood, innovative solutions like vertical farming are helping with reforestation efforts. Get ready to be inspired by all the people you will meet when The Happi House travels to beautiful Kenya!

Becky Olk is a blog contributor and Executive Producer of the Emmy nominated lifestyle television show The Happi House. She is experienced in the areas of retail design, styling, photography and anything DIY.

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