Season 4 , Episode 16: Wall Hanging Tips, Chicken Recipe, and Magnetic Nail Experiment


On this week’s episode of The Happi House, we’re learning new things, making yummy food and having fun with science! First off, our host Happi Olson is HANGING out with her friend and contractor, Rona Caldwell. Happi has questions about how to hang art and other items. And Rona. Has. Answers! Need to hang multiple items on the wall in a specific way? No problem. Have something heavy you’d like to attach to a wall? No worries. We’ve got you covered! Then Happi and her friend Peggy are in the kitchen. Happi has just purchased a pressure cooker and is sharing what she knows about this kitchen appliance that seems to be the new big thing. And finally, it’s science time. Liz Heinecke, The Kitchen Pantry Scientist, has brought a couple of junior scientists with her and is ready to show Happi how to do an electromagnetic experiment. See how easy it is to turn a nail into a magnet. It’s easy and only requires a few items. Kids are going to love it.

Becky Olk is a blog contributor and Executive Producer of the Emmy nominated lifestyle television show The Happi House. She is experienced in the areas of retail design, styling, photography and anything DIY.

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