Season 4, Episode 14: Mara’s Homemade Restaurant, DIY Dog Treats, and The Strand Bookstore


The Happi House in New York! Come along with our host, Happi Olson and the crew as we travel a bit off the beaten path. Our first stop is Mara’s Homemade, a Long Island treasure known for their New Orleans seafood and Arkansas BBQ. But today, we are getting a behind-the-scenes look at how they make their amazing hamburgers. Then, we stop in to visit our friends at Rescue Box. Jenna is showing Happi how to make her recipe for Homemade Dog Treats. They are as cute as they are easy. And finally, Happi lands at Strand Book Store, New York’s legendary home of “18 miles of books!” They have new books, used books, and RARE books that are kept in a GOLD VAULT! Join us as The Happi House uncovers a few of the many treasures we found in one of our favorite cities.

Becky Olk is a blog contributor and Executive Producer of the Emmy nominated lifestyle television show The Happi House. She is experienced in the areas of retail design, styling, photography and anything DIY.

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