Season 4, Episode 24: Cheesecake Challenge, Interview with Super Kid Oscar & Art-bots


This week is all about amazing. First stop, the kitchen! Happi bakes up a storm to see which cheesecake will win the taste test in an epic cheesecake challenge: pressure cooker vs oven baked. You may not believe the results. Then super kid Oscar Wolfe visits the set to talk to Happi about his inspiring new endeavor. (Seriously, this 13 year old kid is super-duper.) And finally our friend and scientist, Liz Heinecke, shows us how to keep the big kids off the screens and into science by combining tech, art, and a little science to create art-bots. Thanks for watching another episode of The Happi House.

Becky Olk is a blog contributor and Executive Producer of the Emmy nominated lifestyle television show The Happi House. She is experienced in the areas of retail design, styling, photography and anything DIY.

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