Season 4, Episode 17: Ten Minute Tidy – The Junk Drawer


Welcome to one of our new segments called “The 10 Minute Tidy.” This season on The Happi House, Happi and her friend Peggy are going to tackle different areas the home that need a little organizing or tidying. And they are figuring out a way to really make a dent in only 10 minutes. Today, they are working on Happi’s JUNK DRAWER. We’ve all got one. (We love them and hate them at the same time, right?) Well, get ready for some tips and tricks and some solid guidelines to follow, that will give that junk drawer of yours a quick face lift.

Becky Olk is a blog contributor and Executive Producer of the Emmy nominated lifestyle television show The Happi House. She is experienced in the areas of retail design, styling, photography and anything DIY.

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