Season 4, Episode 7: Using Ladders to Decorate, Sweet Potato Pie, Mess-Free Tie Dye and Candle Making


You’re going to delight in the simple joys of this week’s episode of The Happi House. First up, our host Happi Olson is at Mama’s Happy, with owner and fellow upcycling enthusiast, Amanda Ficek. Amanda has some wonderful decorating ideas for how to put an old ladder to use in ways that are creative, functional and even organizational. Then, Happi’s in the kitchen with her pal, Peggy Borstad. Lots of people make pumpkin pies, but check out how good this Sweet Potato Pie looks! And it’s so simple to make. Next, Kitchen Pantry Scientist Liz Heinecke, is showing Happi and some young friends how to make easy tie-dye designs on fabric…without the usual mess, while also learning about the chemistry of color. And finally, Happi is with Emerson, a young candle-maker who knows all the tricks to making charming and colorful votive candles. Get ready for some cooking and crafting and other surprises, on this week’s episode of The Happi House.

The Happi House is an entertaining and informative weekly magazine style television series for women. Hosted by Happi Olson, Lifestyle Expert, each episode is full of robust content on a variety of fun and useful topics such as homemade beauty products, hosting unique children’s parties, fashion trends, family vacation tips and tricks, DIY home décor, easy family meals and more.

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