Season 4, Episode 5: Decorating Tips, Children’s Author Timi Bliss, and Kids Nature Bracelets


There’s a little something for everyone this week on The Happi House. If you’re looking to freshen up your wall décor at home, we’ve got you covered. If you have ever thought of writing a children’s book, but just haven’t gotten the inspiration you need, look no further. If you’re wanting to get your kids outside, but your invitations are met with blank stares, we’ve got just the activity that will have them running out the door. First, we’re at Mama’s Happy, getting all sorts of wall re-fresh ideas from owner, Amanda Ficek. Then, we are sitting down with Timi Bliss, who has finally written that children’s book she always wanted to write. (Have a child who fights going to bed? You’ll want to check out her charming bedtime story: “In Search of the Sandman.”) And finally, we are outside with our favorite scientist, Liz Heinecke, collecting flora from Mother Nature and making easy duct-tape bracelets. Your kiddos will love this activity! We’re inside. We’re outside. And we’re inviting YOU to come along, on this week’s episode of The Happi House.

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