Season 3, Episode 17: Playtime Essentials, DIY Easy Customized Frames, and Bird Seed Wreath


We’re mixing and stirring this week on The Happi House. Mixing and stirring up some FUN, that is! Join our host, Happi Olson, as she teaches her friend (and talented designer) Christopher Straub, how to mix up some easy and colorful play dough. Also Happi is sharing her favorite toys for toddler playtime with Christopher (who is also a new dad of two adorable little boys). Next, Happi heads over to Mama’s Happy, one of her favorite destinations, to learn how to make some customized frames with owner Amanda Ficek. Using wood pieces you buy from an art supply store, you can get just the size of frame you want, without the custom frame shop price. You’re going to love the creative touches Amanda has for these attractive little wooden frames. And finally, for one last mixing and stirring project, Happi is over at Tonkadale Greenhouse, with owner Jessie Jacobson. Jessie is showing Happi how to make a real treat for our feathered friends: a birdseed wreath. Looking for a reason to get out your stand mixer? You’ve come to the right place!

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