Season 3, Episode 10: DIY Air Plant Coconut Planter, Self-Defense Tips, and DIY Bean Bag Games


What do coconuts, pepper spray and bean bags have in common? Well, actually nothing. Except they all show up in this week’s episode of The Happi House. First off, our host Happi Olson is at Tonkadale Greenhouse with owner Jessie Jacobson. Jessie is teaching Happi how to make a hip and inexpensive planter out of a coconut. The size and style of this planter makes it the perfect container to showcase “air plants” that don’t require any soil. Then Happi gets a lesson from self-defense expert, Bill Strohm. Bill’s got helpful tips for Happi’s ten year old son, Chandler, as well as some thoughts about pepper spray and noise-making tools that would be of use to Happi’s seventeen year old daughter, Sadie. And finally, Happi shares her favorite family gift idea that you can make yourself: bean bags. They are easy, inexpensive and colorful, and perfect for a range of ages. But look out, these are so cute that it might be hard to part with them.

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