Season 2, Episode 9: DIY Pillow Makeover, Yummy Handcrafted Cocktails, and Behind the Scenes Tour of YOXO


Crafts, cocktails and creative construction toys are what’s in store for you this week on The Happi House. First, Beth Huntington, The Renegade Seamstress, teachers our host, Happi Olson, how to do a pillow makeover…using a sweater! (Watch what she does with the leftover sleeves!) Next, Family Food Expert Alice Seuffert shows Happi how to make three refreshing and unique signature cocktails—all using a strawberry syrup that you make yourself. Lastly, Happi brings her son Chandler and his friend Ella on a fieldtrip! Founder, Jeff Freeland Nelson gives Happi and crew a tour and shares how he got the idea for YOXO, the award-winning building sets that connect with everyday materials found in your home. Come play with us!

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