Season 3, Episode 24: DIY Picture Hangers


Who doesn’t love a good DIY project? Well, we certainly do on The Happi House! And you know what? Now it seems there are TWO ways to go these days if you want to make one of the many trendy wooden décor items that have become popular: you can figure it out yourself by gathering your materials and looking online for the how-to’s. OR, if you are lucky enough to have a workshop like Projects in Person nearby, you can be guided through the instruction, be given all of the materials, and you can leave your mess there. Both are great ways to go, but today Happi gets to go with the latter option. She is visiting with Jill Miller, owner of Projects in Person, a guided DIY workshop. And together they are making a rustic looking wall-hanging for photos, that can be customized with the lettering of your choice. Trendy, fun and useful…this project is the real deal!

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