Season 3, Episode 24: Monster Bars


Looking for a yummy treat to make for a crowd that doesn’t take a MONSTROUS amount of time? The answer can be found today on The Happi House! Have you heard of Monster Cookies? Well, Happi’s friend, Peggy, has not. Happi explains to her pal-who-doesn’t-bake, that Monster Cookies are cookies that have oodles and boodles of crunchy and sweet things all mixed together. Kids love them. Adults too. But they are still cookies, and you still have to make them one by one and bake them sheet by sheet. That’s why Happi is making Monster BARS! They are made by simply mixing and dumping. No baking. No freezing. Let them set up for a while and you are ready for your event (and perhaps a MONSTROUS round of applause). Just don’t expect to come home with any leftovers! Get the recipe HERE.

The Happi House is an entertaining and informative weekly magazine style television series for women. Hosted by Happi Olson, Lifestyle Expert, each episode is full of robust content on a variety of fun and useful topics such as homemade beauty products, hosting unique children’s parties, fashion trends, family vacation tips and tricks, DIY home décor, easy family meals and more.

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