Come On, Get Happi!


We are delighted to introduce you to our industrious and illustrious hostess of “The Happi House!”


Happi Olson has helped bring play into the lives of families all over the greater Twin Cities areas for nearly 10 years, first as a store staff member and now as the Sales & Marketing Director for Creative Kidstuff. Happi (yes, that IS her real name!) describes herself as a straight shooter, marketing professional, wife, mom, friend, cheerleader, and hostess. She is the mother of four kiddos, ranging from eight to eighteen, and has been raising them alongside her adoring and patient husband, Tom, in Minnetonka, MN.

happi slackline

When Happi isn’t managing her own household, running her own brood around town, or helping create engaging marketing campaigns for a well-loved toy boutique, she enjoys running (she wears running shoes and yoga pants to the office at least 3 times a week), reading (mostly emails… she has over 300 unread in her inbox at any given moment), white wine (enough said), fashion (disregard the earlier statement about the running shoes and yoga pants), and, as clearly proven in the image below, occasionally hitching rides on local wildlife.


Happi specializes in motivating based on her own experiences, from seeking out original and modern-mom boredom busters to managing meals and hosting with flair. She strives to share ideas that will help build traditions and make memories for families everywhere. Happi lives up to her name; she loves to make joy happen in those “everyday moments” and bring the “luxury” of stress-free (or, at least less-stress!) parenting to a level that’s attainable for everyone.

The Happi House is an entertaining and informative weekly magazine style television series for women. Hosted by Happi Olson, Lifestyle Expert, each episode is full of robust content on a variety of fun and useful topics such as homemade beauty products, hosting unique children’s parties, fashion trends, family vacation tips and tricks, DIY home décor, easy family meals and more.

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