“Dining With Alice”: Freezer Meals


A little note from a friend of The Happi House, Alice Stueffert, the creator of Dining With Alice. Nothing helps a family like making feeding time easy! Please join us in spreading her mission to even more hungry minds:


I am so happy to share some exciting news! I just released my first ebook, Freezer Meals for Moms. I organized a frozen meal exchange for moms in St. Paul in 2010 and by my estimate I have prepared and eaten 400 frozen meals in the last 5 years!  I have shared my recipes on my blog, television, newspapers and magazines both in Minnesota and nationally and this winter I decided to write an ebook. I knew that I had found a key to meal planning success: freezer meals.  These meals have kept our family above water during busy work schedules, family illness and unexpected events that always seem to pop up when you are a parent.  The meals are easy, freezer-friendly and I give readers my very best tips for freezing meals successfully.

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Creative Kidstuff and The Happi House have been a tremendous support to me and I would love your fans and followers help in spreading the word. Thank you so very much!

~ Alice

Freezer Meals for Moms Cover

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