Season 3, Episode 23: Cambodia Part 1


Come along with The Happi House, on a journey to Northwestern Cambodia. There, host Happi Olson and crew meet Ponheary Ly, a woman who embodies the spirit of a true hero. Ponheary grew up in a family where education was highly valued. When she was in the seventh grade, the Khmer Rouge abolished education and killed intellectuals and educators in the country, including Ponheary’s own father and thirteen of her family members. In the aftermath of the regime, Ponheary became a teacher and began supporting students and programs in the schools at which she worked. She began using tips and tourists’ donations to send children to school. Today the Ponheary Ly Foundation helps support more than 2,500 students. is proud to help this amazing organization support education as they help children in the region triumph over tragedy. Come along with The Happi House on this inspiring journey.

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