Linda Strickland’s Recipe for Cat Head Biscuits


Self-Rising Flour
Vegetable Oil

Cast Iron Pan or “Iron Skillet”

Disclaimer: Alas, we know that baking is often called a science, and that it is very important to measure. This is not one of those times. For those viewers who may have some questions about the instructions below, we are hoping that you have watched this segment when it aired, or have viewed it online at, as there AREN’T REALLY ANY MEASUREMENTS. We also know that there are those of us who aren’t really into measuring, and this may end up being very easy for you. Either way, we applaud you. Enjoy!

1. Put “some” flour in a large bowl.
2. Pour “some” buttermilk into the flour.
3. Add “a little bit” of oil.
4. Roll the mixture around in the bowl with your hands until it is no longer super sticky.
5. Continue rolling the ball of dough, as you cover it with some flour from the edges.
6. When it feels like “the right texture”, pinch off a biscuit-sized amount and roll in your hands.
7. Place all biscuits in a well-oiled cast iron pan. Rub each biscuit with a little oil.
8. Bake on the middle rack of a 400 degree oven for 15 minutes.

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